Demand to release accused terrorists in Mukala [Archives:2006/910/Local News]

January 9 2006

SANA'A, Jan. 7 – Relatives of youth being held in Mukala political security prison demanded their release. Detainees have been held for six months for alleged terrorist acts after extradition to Yemen from other Arab countries.

More than 20 of the youth are from Hadramout, but their families are living outside Yemen. Security lets them telephone their families once a week.

A close relative of the detainees told Al-Nida newspaper last Wednesday that his follow-up efforts to release one of the detainees came to a standstill due to strict instructions from Sana'a. Authorities in Mukala say the detainees' case is outside their authority. Relatives called the Attorney General to consider the detainees' case and either refer them to judiciary or release them.

Ahmed Said Hashid, General Freedom and Human Rights parliamentary committee member, said he was prevented from visiting the prison during a visit to the governorate three months ago.