Demining Workshop in Aden [Archives:1998/11/Front Page]

March 16 1998

The Yemeni Mines Awareness Committee will present national policies regarding the demining effort. The event, scheduled to take place in Aden on March 17th, will bring together officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Social Affairs, and other government organizations.
Radda Barnen of Sweden and Unicef are the lead co-sponsors. Attending the session are representatives of bilateral donors such as Canada, Norway, USA as well as many NGOs.
Yemen was the first Arab country to sign the Ottawa Treaty calling for a total ban on anti-personnel mines. Qatar was second to follow. Oman and Jordan are now considering a similar move.
“Yemen is looked upon with respect in taking the lead in the region,” stated Ms. Christina Nelke, Program Coordinator for Radda Barnen, Yemen.