Democracy discussed in QatarSymposium for Arab countries [Archives:2005/807/Local News]

January 13 2005

For The Yemen Times
A symposium on strategies of civil participation and democratic change in Arab countries was held in Doha, Qatar, recently.

Organized by HRITC in cooperation with the Washington-based Freedom House and the National Committee of Human Rights in Qatar, the gathering created a working paper handling the civil community connection with the political authority, democratic culture, the religious factor and democratic change, and how they relate to poverty, globalization, economic policies and its impact on democracy.

Director of HRITC, Ezzuddin Saeed al-Asbahy, noted the importance of partnerships among the organizations of civil community in the Arab zone.

He also said that the workshops assess the role and the level of the civil community.

The most important hindrances hampering democratic change will be displayed, and comments on equality, democracy, and other national matters are part of the paper.

About 50 persons of different Arab countries participated in the symposium, the first regional activity of HRITC of 2005.