Democracy or hypocrisy? [Archives:2003/05/Focus]

February 4 2003

The ultimate objectives of Yemen’s revolutions was to bring positive change of the so-called tyrant Imamate era. In other words, revolutionaries wanted to alter the bad conditions of Yemen at that time.
Since then, we pretend to have come a long way from the conditions of injustice, poverty and tyranny to the conditions of justice, development and prosperity. Those sincere people have sacrificed their lives along with their sweat and blood and virtuous souls to bring their nation to freedom and comfort.
Unfortunately, these objectives are obviously just ink on paper, since we have never seen them applied in real life. Now we notice the democratic experience in our country is just a beautiful piece of cloth seeking to satisfy the world.
It is too bad that all what we have been offered from those courageous people of revolution foes in vain. Are we seeking to satisfy the new world system at the expense of the Almighty?
This must be a dilemma and crucial situation that we could never escape the punishment of God.
We are actually confronted with so many negative behaviors that are hypocritically practiced in the name of revolution and its objectives. These allegations are absolutely vacant of truth and realty.
What would you guess the stance of those people Is who are still alive since the revolutions? They only notice the conditions go from bad to worse. They see that democracy is merely a beautiful decoration wrapped up with unbelievable secrets.
I think that is unsuitable treatment to those faithful revolutionaries and their great achievements in their anniversaries of September and October.
In conclusion, it is the educated people and thinkers’ responsibility to have all those objectives of revolution applied. Consequently, they can help Yemeni people taste the freedom.