Democracy school forms a group of lawyers to help delinquent children [Archives:2007/1050/Local News]

May 14 2007

SANA'A, May 13 ) The democracy school, which is a non-governmental organization concerned with child rights, announced on Wednesday the formation of defense union in cooperation with UNISAF organization. The union, which aims to help the delinquent children who could not pay for lawyers and need to defense their cases, included a group of volunteer lawyers who will present legal consultation for the delinquent who are under the age of 18 according to the international agreement for human rights, that Yemen had signed.

On Saturday, the union started its work in following up children's cases in the police stations to know the exact number of delinquent children and accelerate carrying out their sentences. “The union members started to collect information about the delinquent children and their cases in the police stations and then they will plead them before courts to defense these children.”” the legal consultant in the union