Demonstration in Al-Dhalea [Archives:2000/09/Local News]

February 28 2000

About 10 thousand people demonstrated on Saturday 26 in Al-Dhalea in protest to the random arrests campaign carried out by the security in the city that led to the detention of 150 persons. The demonstrators handed over a petition to the governor of Al-Dhalea demanding the release of the detainees and moving the military units outside the governorate. They also demanded the removal of all newly erected security check-points and the punishment of all those responsible for the arrest campaigns as well as compensating people for the damage to their houses resulting from bombing. The letter threatened of staging strikes and sit- ins if those demands were not met. Demonstrators walked peacefully along 5 kilometers chanting anti-government slogans.
Dr. Al-Iryani’s government is afraid of riots that may take place after implementing the new prices of oil products such as petrol, kerosene and gas.