Demonstration to release journalists continue [Archives:2002/27/Front Page]

July 1 2002


Many opposition party leaders and journalists staged a demonstration June 26 before the presidential palace in Sanaa. Their protest was over the imprisonment of the two journalist detained since May 23, protesters demanded their immediate release.
The demonstration started at the headquarters of the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate (YJS) and moved towards the presidential palace. Demonstrators denounced the detention of a number of journalists and writers presently journalists Abdulrahim Muhsen and Ibrahim Hussein Basha.
Republican guards attempted to prevent the demonstrators from approaching the palace gate and threatened to fire. Security was beefed up with special guards and police forces to surround the demonstrators.
However, the demonstrators made their way to the gate and were approached by a number of palace officials who wanted to negotiate with leaders of the demonstration.
Demonstrators handed the officials a written letter addressed to the president in which they demanded the government to ensure freedom, dignity and safety for all citizens.
The letter also pointed out that detaining the journalists Abdulrahim Muhsen and Ibrahim Hussien Basha for their political opinion and critical writing of the government is a threat to our own personal safety not to mention the detainees.
MP Mohammed Naji Alaw said the objective of this demonstration is to demonstrate solidarity with detainees. They have done nothing but express their opinions, he said. Detaining these journalists are unconstitutional and those responsible for their disappearance should be tried, Alaw added.