Demonstrations in Aden protesting lack of water [Archives:2005/855/Front Page]

June 30 2005

By Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
Aden Bureau Chief

Police in Aden has dispersed a number of demonstrators from Mua'la town.

Security and police fired shots in the air from a machine gun and threw tear gas bombs to disperse demonstrators

Demonstrators have put barricades in the ring road, in protest of water stoppage from their houses for several days.

Yemen Times has met some of the demonstrators, and here is what they said:

One of the demonstrators said that. We didn't have a drop of water for a week now, though this town is the richest in water recourses. Isn't electricity cutoff enough? We put barricades on the road so as to be heard by the officials .Our protest is to show our denouncement to the conditions we have come to, though this city is called the digital city. How could that be while we lack water?

A woman also spoke; she said:

We notified the officials in the governorate that we have no water. We know that water authorities refuse to pump water to out houses.

Another demonstrator spoke saying that, the projects that the officials mind are those badly paved roads, planting trees and making fountains, whereas the services are deteriorating. Here is a good example; we didn't have water for days now, in this hell of weather.

Another lady from the demonstrators said: Water doesn't come to us and when it comes it is only drops. Are we in the govern rate's capital? It could be any other village.

We request the authorities to solve this problem as quickly as possible. It worth pointing out that, last time when people demonstrated,water came half an hour later. This indicates that there was no water problem.