Demonstrators condemn security attacks [Archives:2007/1058/Local News]

June 11 2007

AL-DHALE'E, JUNE 10 – A crowded demonstration took place through main streets in Al-Dhale' governorate heading toward the government complex located in Sanah area, to protest against the security violations by a number of military personnel against a member of the governorate's local council last week who happens to be affiliated with an opposition party. stated that the demonstrators were twenty thousand and they enchanted anti-ruling party slogans.

According to eye witnesses, security personnel attacked local council member Mr. Ali Al-Awdi as he was visiting a number of imprisoned citizens belonging to his constituent; “These citizens were detained because of practicing their democratic right of participation in a precedent demonstration”” sources at the local council said.

The security personnel attacked the council member by hitting him by the ends of their Kalashnikov machine guns