Dengue fever hits in Taiz [Archives:2005/886/Local News]

October 17 2005

TAIZ-Yem. Oct.8)Dengue fever cases reappeared in Taiz.

Media sources said that Hisham Al-modaie, a 14 year child, died in the Republican Hospital last Tuesday, following his contraction of dengue fever, which has lately spread in several of the districts of Taiz governorate.

Sources attribute dengue spread to the failure of the cleaning project to spray insecticides especially in Cairo District and other areas of the town.

In stead of that Ali Al-Domaini Head of the branch of medical syndicate, Manager of the Military Hospital, died of dengue last week, the general sanitation manager still denies that there is dengue fever. Many people held the manager accountable for their contraction of the disease, because of the carelessness of his department.

Within the last ten days, three people died of dengue while tens of people are still suffering the disease.

Last June, Rahidah town in Taiz witnessed a number of dengue cases and more than twenty people had died.