Dengue fever kills CPP chief [Archives:2005/880/Local News]

September 26 2005

TAIZ- Sept. 19 – Dr. Ali Mohsen al-Dumaimi, Chief of Physicians and Pharmacists Syndicate (CPP), died last Monday from dengue fever.

Relatives of the victim told the Yemen Times that after being infected with the disease, the victim was immediately rushed to the Military Hospital in Taiz where he died three days later.

Large number of doctors considered death of al-Dumaimi a big scandal and stigma on the Ministry of Public Health and Population that has always denied the spread of dengue fever cases.

The Ministry never revealed any information on the epidemic or the numbers of sufferers. Physicians and pharmacists accused the Ministry of Public health and Population and Taiz's Health Office of dealing with the issue with no transparency and clearness. The concerned authorities never took precautionary measures to help curb the scourge of dengue fever, particularly in the coastal areas.