Denmark resumes assistance for Yemen [Archives:2005/884/Business & Economy]

October 10 2005

Discussions held lately in the Danish capital Copenhagen between the Yemeni deputy premier, the minister of planning and international cooperation, Ahmed Mohammed Soufan and the Danish foreign minister focused on horizons of enhancing bilateral relations and expansion of fields of joint cooperation of the two friendly countries. The two officials also discussed aspects of future Danish support for development in Yemen. The support falls as part of assistance offered by donor countries and organizations in a manner consolidating government efforts exerted for encountering Yemen's developmental challenges and also for enhancing successes achieved by the program for economic, financial and administrative reforms and realization of the goals of the third five-year plan and alleviation of poverty.

Mr. Soufan expressed Yemen's appreciation for the Danish government resumption of its support for development projects in Yemen after a halt for more than ten years, pointing to the importance of doubling efforts for the enhancement and development of cooperation and realization of goals of the program f partnership supported by Denmark in Yemen. That program focuses on supporting and strengthening the democratic approach and the political participation of the woman as well as programs for enhancement of human rights and role of civil society organizations and development of media role in Yemeni political life.

Mr. Soufan had during his present visit to Denmark met at the Danish parliament with chairman if the foreign policy committee and the committee of external assistance where he discussed with them means guaranteeing enhancement and development of bilateral relations, including parliamentary relations. The talks also dealt with economic, social and developmental changes in Yemen and aspects of required support from donor countries and organizations for development projects, besides the studying of the possibility of enlisting Yemen on the list of countries enjoying priority in the Danish support.