Denouncing Sheikh b. Shajee, Waela tribe supports Yemeni-Saudi border treaty [Archives:2001/21/Local News]

May 21 2001

Sheikhs of Waela tribe announced in a recent release that their tribe has nothing to do with Shiekh Mohammed b. Shajee who has been speaking on behalf of the tribe, and threatening demarcation companies against approaching the area. 
The release which was published by Al-Usbo Weekly added that sheikhs of the tribe held a meeting in which they appointed Sheikh Abdullah Al-Awjari spokesman of the tribe. 
Describing statements by b. Shajee as irresponsible, sheikhs announced their full and unconditional support to the Jeddah Treaty signed between Yemen and Saudi Arabia on June 22, 2001. 
On the other hand, Sheikh Shajee said that Al-Awjari comes from Sadah and does not belong to the tribe of Waela, refuting what has been reported about him by his tribe.