Department of English, Faculty of Languages, Sana’a UniversityCultural events for students – 2005 [Archives:2005/848/Education]

June 6 2005

As the consummation of its annual events, the Department of English, Faculty of Languages, Sana'a University, Sana'a organized the final round of co-curricular activities-Debate, Elocution, Group Discussion, Extempore Speech, Essay Writing, Creative Writing and Quiz on 18 May 2005 (Wednesday). Students belonging to different levels of the Department participated in various events with enthusiasm and made the occasion a great success. At the outset Dr. A.K. Sharma, Prof. and Head of the Department of English, while welcoming the guests, officials of the faculty, students and members of the staff, highlighted the importance of such activities in students' future career and learning. He also appreciated the assistance and co-operation extended by the Dean, the Vice-Dean and others in organizing such events in the department.

The Dean of the Faculty , Dr. Tariq Al-Janaby, in his speech, lauded the organization of such activities by the Department of English and appreciated students' talent and worth. He assured all support of the Faculty for such activities in future and expressed his good wishes for the success of the events.

Prof. D. Thakur, Head of the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Sana'a University, Sana'a graced the occasion and appreciated the efforts of the students and applauded their excellent performance in various events. He wished Yemeni students to excel in the art of oratory at international forums to earn a good name for their country.

At the end of the event, Dr. M. A. Shamsher, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Languages, presented vote of thanks. He thanked the guests, the members of the faculty and others who attended the function and made it a great success with their assistance. He congratulated the winners and expressed all his good wishes for those who participated in various activities and made the function a festive occasion.

Dr. Janabi, Dean, Dr. Shamsher, Vice-Dean, and Dr. Sharma, Head, Dept. of English, gave away the prizes and certificates to the winners and participants.

Event-wise list of winners and the number of participants:

Essay Writing:

Level (IV)

First: Fawaz Ahmed Sharaf

Second: Shaima Moh'd Al-Ra'iy

Third: Waleed Ahmed al-Naqib

Level III

First: Asrar Salim Saeed B-Mataref

Second: Ebtihaj Ahmed Ahmed al-Akwa

Third: Alia Taresh Qahtan

No. of Participants: 13

Creative Writing:

First: Shaima Mohemmed Al-Ra'iy (IV-C)

Second: Hend Zamil Al-Jaboori (IV-B)

Third: Mohemmed Saleh Al-Najri (IV-B)

No. of Participants: 15


First: Nisreen Mohemmed Ali Al-Zindani (IV-B)

Second: Radhiya Hussein Ali Khairan (III-A)

Third: Zainab Mohemmed Ahmed Zaber (III-B)

No. of participants: 18

Extempore Speech:

First: Emad Mahfood Ba-Mataraf (III-C)

Second: Safy Mohy Al-Deen (II-C)

Third: Abdul Aziz Ali Al-Khowalani (III-B)

No of Participants: 22


First: Hanan Yahya Al-Shadadi (IV-A)

Second: Shaima Al-Ra'iy (IV-C)

Third: Emad Mahfood Ba-Mataraf (III-C)

Ahmed Ba-Mataraf(III-A)

No of Participants: 20

Group Discussion:

First: Mhammed Hassan Al-Shama (II-C)

Second: Emad Mahfood Bamataraf (III-C)

Third: Shaima Mohemmed Al-Ra'iy (IV-C)

No of Participants: 14


Four teams each comprising four students participated in the event.

Team A-Excellent, Team D-Very Good, Team B-Good and Team C-Satisfactory