Deputy Russian council leaves Yemen [Archives:2005/873/Local News]

September 1 2005

Last Sunday, the Russian deputy council, Mr. Abakarof , leftt Yemen after five years . He spoke to Yemen Times about his impressions before leaving Sana'a. He said that he will be missing Yemen greatly after the enjoyable period he spent in such a nice country.

He said that his stayment represents the first five enjoyable years during which he learned a lot.

He continued saying that the 5years and seven months that he spent, made him the oldest official in the embassy. Had it not been for his enjoyment of his stay, he wouldn't have spent all that time.

Mr. Joseph hoped for another return to Yemen because he loved Yemen, its people, land and sea.

He said that there is mutual love that grew between him and the Yemeni people. This could be realized by the large number of people who came to see him off. “It is the result of the love that I exchanged with Yemeni people during this period”, he said.

Joseph said that he is looking forward to the day when he could return to this country. He is hopeful that it would be in a short time.

He concluded by saying “When I first came here I was obsessed by the advice of friends that I will be going to an impossible country. But I adapted myself by the lapse of time and found things contrary to the grim picture drawn by friends. Yemeni people proved to be nice, simple and friendly and things are very different to all that is said about them. He expressed his heartfelt love for the Yemeni people and hoped they will achieve progress and peace.