Derivative Industries Constitute 91.3% of Total Establishments [Archives:2005/853/Business & Economy]

June 23 2005

A governmental report revealed that derivative industry in Yemen dominates industry with a total of 91.3%, in comparison with 1.2% for the extract industries. However, the percentage of the water and electricity is 7.5%. The hotels had occupied 61.54% of the services. The final report for the industrial survey, issued by the central body for statistics, went on saying that, the total product for the big establishments represents 552.7 milliard YR. in 2003, which constitutes 88% of the total product. There comes after it the smaller Establishments, with 57.6 milliard YR, constituting 9% of the total product. The medium industries/yield is 17.5milliard YR constituting 3%.

The report pointed out that the smaller establishments occupied the first grade in employment. It attracted 48% of the total employment in industrial sector. There came after it, the bigger establishments with 39% and the medium industries 13%.The report pointed out that, drink and food industries in addition to petrochemical derivatives, cloths and tobacco, dominate derivative industry, where its number reach 22.2 thousands, and represents 64.8% of the total number of establishments. The number of derivative industries are 34.3 establishments, whereas its production was 577.2 milliard YR.

The report said that the number of establishments had risen to 37.5 thousand establishments, and their income is 627.8 milliard YR. The number of employees increased to 136 thousand workers.

According to the report, the bigger establishments increased to 551compared to 376 in 2001. The number of medium establishments was 2661, compared with 1249 establishment in 2001. The number of smaller establishments increased to 34383 compared with 31978 in 2001.

The restaurants and the hotels have obtained the highest contribution to the added value, where it reached about 52.75%, and there comes after it the health services whose contribution was 18.99. Education activity came in third position with a rate of 7.75%. Then came the personal services with 6.53%. The report said that the average annual wage for a worker in the establishments covered by the survey was 174 thousand YR, that is 900 dollars.

The total service establishments reached 24.774, where 23.617 of these are profitable establishments, whereas 1.157 are non profitable. The number of employees in these establishments was 96.105, of these 85.147 work in profitable establishments, and 10.958 work in non profitable establishments. The total payments of the workers was 9.765.277, of these payments, 8.888.740 were for those in profitable establishments, and 876.537 were for the non profitable establishments' workers, in 2003.

The report said that, the total product for the establishments were surveyed at 76.081.473 where 74.315.662 of this total was for those profitable establishments, where 1.730.825 was the product of non profitable ones. The total medium consumption was 30.476.042, where of this total 29.730.825 was the consumption of the profitable establishments and 745.217 was of those non profitable establishments. The total added value was 45.605.430. The net fees and customs were 369.898, and the total consumption, 1.952898, where all amounts were counted in YR.