Despite efforts by the US, UK, and Spain:Case for war NOT MADE! [Archives:2003/627/Viewpoint]

March 17 2003

Today, Arabs and Muslims throughout the world are starting to talk about a new 'axis of evil'. In a story broadcast on one of the Arab TV channels, a protestor held a sign saying 'US-UK-Spain: The true axis of evil.'
I am not saying that the protestor may have a point there. But nevertheless, common sense suggests that it is the right of those protestors to reveal what they see as the true axis of evil, just like G. W. Bush thought that Iran, N. Korea and Iraq were the axis of evil.
If for any reason the three countries continue to insist on military action against Iraq without the clear approval of the international community represented in the UN, then they may indeed deserve to be called be the axis of evil. Not because they attacked Iraq, but because they did not take the proper route, which is the UN.
Even if Iraq indeed violated resolution 1441, and even if it did not promptly cooperate as the resolution stated, taking this as a pretext for war and trying to convince the whole world that Iraq deserves to be destroyed because it didn't declare a drone, or didn't cooperate fully, is as ridiculous as trying to sweep the sea with a broom.
Even the Chilean proposal of offering three more weeks to Iraq's full compliance was rejected by the US. The US cannot wait for more than one week saying that the Iraqi threat is eminent and that it should be stopped before it is too late.
If so, I want to ask:
– Is the world too naive and stupid to believe that Iraq, in its current conditions, will attack the US with its 5km range drone and threaten the very existence of the superpower of the world within one week?
– Does the US administration think it could make the case when it had put itself in a position of attacking another country because of drones, or sentences like 'there was no immediate cooperation'?
– Does the Bush administration realize that it is waging a war without the approval of the UN and against the will of the world?
– Doesn't it think that its hastiness in starting the war right now makes US citizens wonder suspiciously about the true reasons behind this war?
– If it is to disarm Iraq, then Blix had clearly said that it could happen within months. We waited 12 years. Can't we wait for a few months? Why now?
– Is waiting for a few months so catastrophic that it is better to wage this war now, killing thousands of people, destroying cities, and causing chaos in the whole region?
Statistics say that support for the war is dropping in the US, making the issue of waiting for a longer period a disaster for the Bush administration because by then, public opinion could be overwhelmingly against the war.
Some Americans seem to have been brainwashed by Bush's statements and some war maniac media networks. But sooner or later, they would realize that it is unlike what they thought.
Only time will tell what the real reasons behind this war are.
It is only a matter of time.
So, let's just wait and see