Despite fraud and underage voting:Elections get good marks [Archives:2003/637/Local News]

May 26 2003

As part of its activities, an assessing meeting was organized last Thursday on the 2003 parliamentary elections by the National Center for Human Rights and Democratic Developments.
Politicians as well as political parties representatives took part in the meeting along with a host of parliamentarians and the chairman of the General Federation Syndicate for the Republican Laborers.
The meeting was marked by raising positive election-related issues held on April 27 of the last month.
During the meeting, participants confirmed that the 27 April election constitutes a good advance towards the democratic experience in Yemen. But what is needed is to promote and enhance this experience for the better in the future.
The center chairman said that within promoting the democratic experience in Yemen, the government as well as the opposition parties have to work hand in hand for improving that experience and tackling infringements that have already taken place during the April 27 elections.
The meeting was attended by Ms Francis Guy, the UK Ambassador to Yemen, Diana Eloiva, the Russian Embassy Secretary and a host of others