Determination; How to be a pioneer [Archives:2005/895/Community]

November 17 2005

One day, a man walking slowly in the desert, burnt out from his hopeless efforts of saving his life in this cruel world. He knew it was the end, as the desert seemed endless, and realized that he might just be another person who walked the road less taken. In his belief that these will be his final thoughts, he saw a small round wall in the middle of nowhere, and thought that it's a mirage of fake hope.

As he got closer, he gained more faith that it's true, a well that could save his life from the fangs of thirst. He rushed towards it doubtfully and found that some dreams may come true. He lowered his hands and drank from the satisfying cold and fresh water that he longed for. He sat down, guarded from the merciless sun by the well's gracious shadows. He then fell in a calm nap to relax his tired body.

After he woke up he thought of how this well saved his life, and how he can save other lives by rebuilding some of its broken sites. He dug the well deeper, raised the walls higher and made a lid for the well from dry mud. He thought of populating the place, since it has water and a close by promising land. He started the first farm and built a small house out of wood and mud bricks. Few weeks passed by, he built a stronger house, improved his land and irrigation and one day he saw a shadow coming by. It was another stranger on a horse, who is seeking refuge from the desert's angry dunes.

The stranger also wanted to settle somewhere where he could be of value, and offered help. Eventually there were two rooms in the small house, a bigger cultivated land and a horse that helped in farming. Gradually, over the next months and years, complete strangers and travelers formed a small bonded society. Everyone shared his resources with others and shared his experience in farming, raising cattle, construction and fabrics. It became a place where the law governing their lives was not regulations that they have set, but their understanding of their responsibility towards their little town, how much can they offer instead of how much they can get. Everyone did not fix his own house or irrigate his own land only; it was indifferent to them as their sense of selflessness was the true wealth they shared.

One day, that man was under a tree in his garden, happy to see how this place started and where it is right now. Something fell on him from the tree; it was a scorpion, an indicator for misfortune. He was so scared, started rolling over to get away from it and raised his head to see that the town disappeared. He thought it was a nightmare, he dipped his hands in the sand, and there was nothing but the fatal heat of the desert. Knowing that the town was just a dream, he stood up feeling the bitterness of failure and regret, filled his leather bag with water for his coming journey.

He looked back at the well, with the half crumbled wall, saying good bye with his eyes. The man left to continue his journey, his life was ahead, leaving the well to a man who might one day be desperate for water. In a few days, another traveler came by, and the story that happened repeated itself for many years. The well was not surprised, it had everything to offer, but no one was selfless and wise enough to make a station for travelers seeking refuge from their journey. One day, the walls of the well crumbled down, and forever it disappeared in the bitter dunes of the desert. No travelers stopped by, no more thirst will be fulfilled, and worst of all no town will rise. No one was selfless, no one had a vision of starting a town. This was because every traveler thought of himself, how he can get enough water for his own journey.

The best way to lead is to lead by example. All leaders do not only have managerial and speech skills that transcend them over others, they also had visions that they pursued. We learn from this story that if we don't engage in turning our dreams into reality then they will gradually disintegrate. Innovation is not simply an advantage of possessing eminent intelligence; it's also the necessary fusion of the right dose of willpower and organized planning. Every novelty in this world was a result of attention to detail, research, hard work, and most importantly, being persistent in following objectives to reach tangible results. When Thomas Edison failed repeatedly to invent a functional lamp, he said “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” It is true, Winners never quit and quitters never win.