Determining required replies for,Negotiations with WTO delegation [Archives:2004/746/Business & Economy]

June 14 2004

The Yemeni n government has approved measures including a group of orientations and proposed projects on the road of joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) especially after discussion of many answers worked out by a committee of general policies for negotiating with the Organization in response to questions Yemen has received from members of the WTO.
It is expected that Yemen would present those answers to the first meeting to be held by a specialized working team regarding Yemen's accession to the WTO in a coming period of this year.
The committee of general policies for negotiating with the international organization has approved, in a meeting held under chairmanship of Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal, a summary of the diagnostic study on incorporating trade in the strategy for alleviation of poverty and development plans that included a collection of trends and proposed projects in this respect.
Among the trends Yemen endeavors is benefiting from facilities of the second inlet in the program of integrated framework of the technical assistance pertaining to trade. The second window would facilitate for Yemen directing the technical assistance towards three urgent projects connected to trade sector and efforts for joining the WTO, a matter that is object of criticism by Yemeni businessmen and also by the opposition. Critics of the government steady endeavor to joining the international organization say it must be preceded by proper preparation including provision of protection for national products in addition to banks and insurance sectors carrying out development of their performance in order to get qualified for accession to the organization's membership to get convenient gains from its financial services.
On the other hand the government asserts that the course of its financial and administrative reforms aims at enhancing banks capabilities of competition and opening development of their services in a transparent way. The various opposition parties are unanimous that the national products would be harmed in case Yemen obtained membership of the WTO and urges the necessity of providing enough protection and qualification for local industry to face damage of foreign goods dumping of local markets.