Development of port cities as economic partner [Archives:2006/965/Local News]

July 20 2006

ADEN, July 18 ) The Investor Service Center in Aden organized an economic workshop on the role of Yemen's port cities as an economic partner in the region.

The event was held in the presence of Governor of Aden Ahmad Al-Kuhlani and Secretary-General of Aden Local Council Abdulkarim Shayef, as well as other participants from official parties, businessmen, investors and representatives from the World Bank and USAID.

Al-Kuhlani gave a speech praising support for such events aimed at raising the cities' level of experience in economic and investment areas. Also, he commended efforts made so far for understanding the work environment in the economic capital city of Aden.

The governor highlighted the government's interest in fostering investment nationwide, but mainly in the port cities of Aden, Hodeida and Mukalla due to their strategic importance in achieving development goals and alleviating poverty.

He stressed the importance of the private sector's role in development and the ongoing hard work to upgrade infrastructure in these port cities. According to Al-Kuhlani, sincere efforts and hard work can develop a good investment climate to add to the positive results reached so far by the port city programs such as development strategies and city planning.

Many projects for improving the administrative and institutional levels are currently underway; meanwhile, the main objective is developing the city of Aden through help from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), according to Al-Kuhlani. He indicated that these projects constitute a core step towards a better future for the country.

The workshop aims to establish good relations between the local authority and the investment sector to help provide a good investment climate, promote human resources, and attract investment projects to private and public sectors.

The workshop discussed the preliminary steps of the Economic Opportunity Exploration Conference of the region, due to be organized by the Yemeni government in cooperation with the GCC.