Development of Yemeni Islands Symposium Concludes [Archives:2001/40/Reportage]

October 1 2001

Yasser M. Ahmad
Yemen Times
The Yemeni Islands promotion and Development Authority concluded Sunday September, 23, 2001 the first symposium on development of the Red sea Islands which lasted for two days at the police officer’s club.
In the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Mr. Bajammal stressed the importance of outlining strategic plans for the development of Yemeni islands according to the needs and economic, tourist, etc. potentials. He said that Yemeni islands were gifted with rich wealth which made them a target for many colonizers. He added that the Ministry of Tourism and the Yemeni Islands promotion and development Authority would work jointly to develop these islands.
Dr. Awadh Bamatraf, chairman of the Authority highlighted the importance of the symposium which came after completing the field surveys that included all Yemeni islands on the red sea. Speaking about lack of development and infrastructure projects in theses islands, he said that the symposium aimed at introducing the situation of Yemeni islands to all bodies concerned, difficulties faced during the surveys, etc.
The Symposium included a presentation of a number of working papers about Yemeni islands on the red sea.

In his paper, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar Naji discussed the need to a developed tourism industry and proper exploitation of tourist potentials. Mr. Salim Abdullah Baquheizal lectured about the main sea pollutants, such as vessels that reach 30,000 every year, human waste, etc. Researcher, Yahia Mohammed Mutaher discussed how important it was to study the social and economic of every island in order to facilitate solving the problems of each island. The significance of birds species and protecting them was the subject of the paper presented by Dr. Omar Assaghir. He said that there were more than 200 different kinds of birds dwelling in the Yemeni Islands. Coral reefs were the main point highlighted by engineer Zaher Abdu Ali who talked about the factors that damage and affect the coral reefs that surround the Yemeni islands.
Among the recommendations that resulted from the detailed discussions by participants were the gradual implementation of projects with making all the needed detailed studies and master plans, using modern technologies in monitoring and controlling activities, attracting investors to invest in the Yemeni islands, etc.