Development projects worth US$ 2,825,000 to be implemented [Archives:2005/895/Business & Economy]

November 17 2005

A committee concerned with carrying out public works project chaired by deputy premier and the minister of planning and international cooperation Ahmed Sofan has approved results of tenders being going certain contractors as an introduction to implementation of a number of projects of water utilities, health and education worth US$2 million and 825 thousand.

The commission approved implementation of water project of Bab al Mandab in Taiz governorate costing $1 million and 100 thousand with over ten thousand beneficiaries. And have also approved the contract of the water purification project of Shuwaifa at Khadeer district of Taiz governorate at a cost of $280 thousand And the project of building Dash Amqir valley dam at Mudiay district barrier in the governorate of Abyan at a cost of $205 thousand. The project's storage capacity amounts to 75 thousand cubic meters of rainfall waters.

The commission has also approved a tender on qualification of health centers in the governorate of al-Jawf at a cost of $464 thousand, furbishing and supply of a hospital in Rabt at a cost of $276 thousand and the building of 18-classroom Saba Primary School in the capital secretariat at a cost of $390 thousand. The commission has also approved monetary compensating of a number of executive contractors who suffered due to the rise of cement and oil prices. The total amount paid in compensation is one million and 300 thousand US dollars.

The commission in charge of the project on public works had earlier endorsed a report by the accounts' auditor of the Dutch grant for the 1st and 2nd phases of the fiscal year of 2004 and endorsed reports by the central apparatus of audit accountants' of the European assistance, OPEC Fund loan, the French assistance and the American assistance for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2004. The commission's meeting has also listened to a report by the unit n charge of running the project on progress of performance during the period extending from March to September of this year. The report pointed out that there was an announcement about 161 projects in general tenders at a total cost of around $15.86 millions in addition to 76 projects the tenders of which to be announced in a week's time, costing around US$ 8.5 million.

Engineer Saeed Abdeh Ahmed, the executive manager of the public works project indicated that the total number of implemented projects since the beginning of 1996 until September of this year amounted to about 1892 projects at a total cost of US$ 111.60 million. While another 827 projects are planned to be implemented at a forecasted cost of US$ 71.15, calling the attention that the ministry is paying bigger attention to projects of water barriers and dams in order to encounter the problem of water shortages from which Yemen is suffering.