Dhamar archeological sites are vulnerable to robbery [Archives:2008/1178/Local News]

August 4 2008

Mahmoud Assamiee
DHAMAR, Aug, 1 )Dhamar archeological sites are vulnerable to random digs by robbers, so much so that there are continuous theft attempts at the sites about every two months, said Hisham Al-Thawr, the General Director of the General Authority for Antique and Museums, also known as GAAM.

GAAM's Dhamar Branch Director, Ali Al-Sanabani, said that the countless archeological sites in Dhamar would need more than 3,000 thousand soldiers to stand guard over them.

He added that there are 700 sites in the governorate registered with the GAAM, while there are countless others still waiting for the government to count.

Dhamar's citizens, too, and not only antiquity thieves make random digs at these sites, said Al-Sanabani. These robbers often have relations or are paid by antique merchants to hold digs. “Sometimes they find nothing