Diesel and Environment [Archives:2001/37/Health]

September 10 2001

Abdulaziz M. Abdullah
Diesel is one of the most dangerous products for both men and environment. Its poisonous substances pollute air and cause many problems to all. Every bakery in Yemeni cities and means of transportation, including micro-buses and mini-buses, use diesel. Surprisingly enough, Yemen became one of the few countries to import second-hand diesel-power engines. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry comes to Yemen. These engines are sold cheaply and publicly. No sense of accountability is held and no one cares about its effects. It is well known that Yemen witnessed different flows of diesel-powered vehicles imported in large quantities into its markets. The General Traffic Administration issued its directives to count all cars that have been changed to diesel engines. In addition, the Administration adopted these measures to supervise the diesel engines market, prevent them from being driven in main cities, and to keep the environment clean. In this respect, the environmental pollution is the responsibility of all. The poor and the rich as well have to participate in keeping the environment clean and safe. The Ministry of Tourism’s task is to adopt the measures concerning the legal and administrative procedures and to perform its role effectively towards this important issue. The role of this Ministry is to prepare the laws and by-laws in order to put an end to the environmental pollution. This goal can be achieved successfully through the following steps:
Coordination with Ministry of Health in order to hold symposiums and meetings to increase the awareness among the population concerning the environmental pollution in collaboration with the concerned bodies.
Conducting researches and studies to find the causes of environmental pollution.
Encouraging the population to switch from diesel engines to gas or petrol engines and using the experiences of other countries in this field.
Urging the concerned bodies to establish a station for electricity generation powered by gas.
In short, what has been said earlier, the diesel issue must become the main concern of the world community which is holding conferences and meetings about this issue.