Diesel and Individual Income [Archives:2001/34/Focus]

August 20 2001

Abdulaziz M. Abdullah
Since the government has adopted its measures concerning diesel augmentation, particularly those who have a low-paid income couldn’t afford to struggle. Their main concern is their daily livelihood and nothing more. The first thing that intentionally has been done is the augmentation of the electricity bills during August 2. It was noticed that the Cooperation has decided to put a card in every house in which the employee has to read, register and compare what has been consumed. It is strange to see the unbelievable increase of the consuming units. It is shown clearly through comparison together with prices and bills in the table below.
What has been illustrated above indicates that 700 units in one month will reach increasingly around 5350 YR per month without any other fees. But if it is reached more than that the additional consumption will be multiplied by 17 YR for only one YR, i.e.. a house has three rooms, electric lights, refrigerator, an air conditioner, mixer, television, tape recorder and fans will not be less than 1100-1000 units. Can you imagine how much will the monthly electricity bills reach? They are going to reach 10450 YR. So how much do the yellow-collar workers receive in salary? And how much do they spend? Will they be able to afford augmentations which have been done randomly by the government? This is the augmentation in electricity, what about water and internal transportation and foodstuffs? It is expected that the flour prices will reach 60-70%. The eye-catching thing is the loaf of bread. You have seen its size, haven’t you? How slim it is!!! Bakeries used to make 1-10 loaves in one kilo of the paste. Now around 10-13 are made after the present diesel augmentation. It was also declared that 15% was given to the officials and 25% to the policemen. Are all these things enough to cover the essential needs of the common man, or is he going to pant after the mirage? I think it is time to go back bit further where our grandfathers used to have the simple wick. Such things deserve mentioning in the history of Yemen which were famous at that time. These small enterprises have received support and encouragement as the Social Fund and those projects financed by they the German Government.