Difference between culture & knowledge [Archives:2005/815/Culture]

February 10 2005

By Nawal Zeid
For the Yemen Times

A huge difference between knowledge and culture is often realized. Success is the basis of knowledge and it is our sound weapon. Knowledge helps us attain high social prestige and achieve ambition by hard work and success.

Education increases our realm of knowledge. Knowledge itself is enlightenment and this is a real fact but only for those who want it to be so.

For the successful person, knowledge helps him make every thing in life as well as to shape his culture as he likes. The knowledgeable person can make a strong personality of himself.

But, what will be there if science and knowledge come together?

Culture is useful thing in the human life and is always found in our every day life. Being educated and ignorant is out of benefit and this does not mean illiteracy, rather it is the ignorance of matters. Every thing is to vanish if do not care.

Most of the issues and problems surrounding us are neglected except for some whimsical visions due to the lack of culture and awareness of our daily affairs.

Life is beauteous but it is we who make so difficult and complicated because of our incorrect deal with it.

Culture is based on the intellectual success through which we can manipulate ourselves and deal with others with more understanding.

In our societies, there are a great number of people who are educated and successful and possess the capital as well as the high prestige but, their impression and thought of life is surface; they usually do things seriously wrong, why?

Because they are not equipped with culture and understanding of matters of life. Our ailing and wounds helps us seek culture for the sake of culture and knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

Numerous people, however are uneducated, enjoy culture in every aspect of their life and seem to better understand others and evaluate things.

Others, on the other hand, can not deal with life aspects well as they feel satisfied with knowledge and success and do not pursue culture and if there is any, it is temporary.

Being the generation of the era we have to possess a considerable amount of scientific and intellectual culture. Being culture-seekers we have to practice it in dealing with ourselves as well as to benefit from faults generated by dealing with others.