Diplomatic team visits Soqotra Island [Archives:2007/1029/Local News]

March 1 2007

SOQOTRA, Feb.27 ) Diplomats and ambassadors concluded on Monday a three-day visit to Soqotra, the largest Yemeni Island, about 500 miles southeast of Aden.

The visit was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim of the visit is to inform foreign ambassadors and diplomats in Yemen about the national wealth and investment chances available on the Island, said Ibrahim Saeed, Head of Ceremonies Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The diplomatic team toured many natural and tourist conservation areas, such as Thi-Hamari Marine Protectorate and Thi- Tawah mountainous area, and then they visited the project of regrowing the dragon blood tree in Shabahan region

The team also visited the general assembly for environment protection and Sawn program for Suqatri development and they got information about the activities of the session in developing the Island projects.

The ambassadors expressed their admiration for the island, which they described as a valuable gem, hoping to visit it again. They thanked the ministry for organizing this successful visit.

The UNDP official, Flavia Pansieri said that the Soqotra's heritage is important and that the locals' language needs to be documented, hoping UNESCO would perform its role in this field.

The ministry has already organized similar visits to the island. Saeed said the ministry is preparing other visits to the island.