Director Fareed Al-Dhahiri died [Archives:2007/1037/Local News]

March 29 2007

IBB, March 28 ) Yemeni director and artist Fareed Al-Dhahiri died Tuesday morning while preparing for an artistic operetta to be staged in Ibb on May 22 in celebration of the 17th anniversary of Yemen's Reunification.

Al-Dhahiri's death, caused by a heart attack, coincided with World Theatre Day. The Ministry of Culture announced the director's death, noting that it is a great loss for the Yemeni artistic movement. A ministry statement considered his death as a heavenly drama wherein Allah selected the artist to leave this world.

Al-Dhahiri contributed many immortal works, including the wonderful operetta, “Khailt Baraqan Lam'a” (“I envisioned a shining thunder”), along with many other national operettas and Safr Safr Play. He was exemplary in his sacrifice for the sake of art and country.

Born in 1957 in Al-Dhale' governorate and holding a master's degree from Ukraine, Al-Dhahiri managed to develop drama in Yemen, including verse drama. He founded the Taiz Youth Band for Drama and Music and was manager of Hodeidah Theatre.

Al-Dhahiri participated in numerous Yemeni and international symposiums and festivals, receiving many prizes for such participation, in addition to producing many distinct works.