Director Mohamed Ali Mughem explains howPostal services are changing with the times [Archives:2004/718/Community]

March 8 2004
Conference participants talk about curbing violence against women.
Conference participants talk about curbing violence against women.
Ismail Al-Ghabiri
The Post and Postal Savings Corp. has accomplished several through the improvement of its performance and the adaptation of modern electronic systems. The post offices are dispersed throughout the governorates of Yemen, in both urban and rural areas.
The General Director of the postal corporation, Mohamed Ali Mughem, shed some lights on a number of successes, investment plans and the new services. Following are his thoughts on these areas.

Advanced services
The Post and Postal Savings Corp. provides several postal and financial services, electronic Riyals and others which meet the need and demands of various market place and members of the Yemeni society through postal offices coving all cities and rural areas in Yemen.
The Corporation has improved the quality of postal services provided through the development and improvement of these services, as well as introducing electronic services, expanding the transport fleet and the training and rehabilitating its staff using modern techniques and computer networks.
Computer networks now cover more than 70 post offices throughout Yemen.
Recently, the corporation has begun offering financial services, the payment of wages for some authorities such as the General Authority for Wages, Telecommunication and electricity Corporations and files of Armed and Security Forces and others.

Due to the importance of updating and developing the level of presenting quality services to citizens and the keenness to support the national economy, the corporation has recently accomplished the Electronic Riyal, which enables the citizens to pay their consumption bills through it. It is considered as a mediator between the citizens and the commercial service corporations.
The Electronic Riyal is an already paid card with different amounts consists of a secret number through which the consumer can pay the due bills through the Internet.

The Posted letters
The postal service can contribute in strengthening the social ties through the posted letters and parcels sent among individuals and members of the society. This assists in building societies and understandings as the most wide communication means available for the majority of the public in a specific country. It also helps in strengthening cultural, social and civilization aspects among countries of the world through the transferring of human intelligence with ideas and opinions.

Accomplishment in 2003
The project of rehabilitation and postal reforms has been prepared which consists of development of administrative work, restructuring of administrative and services units in addition to reorganizing the postal saving service aiming for effective contribution to the national economy. Also, the reorganizing of regular and express mail and expanding the local system.
In addition to establishing the department of systems and information in order to benefit from the technology of electronic networks in administrating its services and activities and the improvement of financial transfer services through issuing transfer quick transfer and receive cards.
The Post and Postal Saving Corp. is also keen to develop the hobby of collecting postal stamps at the local and international levels, since that increases the artistic, cultural and scientific awareness to the collectors.
The Yemeni stamps are distinguished at the International exhibitions and have received gold, bronze and silver medals. These stamps contribute also in depicting national events, historic, tourist sites, plans and marine life and rare birds in Yemen as well as keep records of international sport, health, environment and humanitarian events.