Director of Perfect Center for Training & Development to Yemen Times”Training aims at improving the level of Yemeni society administratively and technically.” [Archives:2004/780/Community]

October 11 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
The Perfect Center for Training and Development is one of the best training institutes at the national level in Yemen, in the areas of computer and English language training. The American University in Cairo accredits certificates of this center. Our colleague Ismail Al-Ghaberi met with the center Director Mr. Ahmed Bin Ziad and filed the following interview.

Q: What kinds of training are provided by the Center?
A: The Center offers training in the following fields:

The Center offers several administrative courses and diplomas that contribute to the development of administrative competence of individuals and private and public establishments' personnel.
Administrative courses include Administrative and Supervisory Skills, Marketing and Sales, Management of Medical Establishments, and many others.
The Center is distinguished by the Modern Management diploma, which has hosted so far, as many as four batches.
There is also the Neurological Linguistic Programming (NLP) diploma, that is conducted by international trainer Prof. Dr. Abdullah Salem Bahammam, who is certified by the International NLP Union, and the American Board.

The Center offers a number of short and long computer diplomas and courses such as 2-year computer science and networking diplomas. Short diplomas comprise 3-month maintenance diploma, and 6-month montage and directing diploma. The Center provides a variety of courses such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) course.

English Language:
The Center offers all levels of English course, and runs English for Special Purposes (ESP) courses such as commercial and medical English.
The center tailors courses to the need of trainees. It also offers TOEFL courses and administers its tests.

Q: When was the Center established, and does it have branches?
A: It was established in 2002, and has three branches:
– Two branches in Sana'a, one of them for women, and another branch in Aden.
In addition to the head office which is located on Hadda St. Sana'a.

Q: What types of certificates do you give trainees?
A: The center has the following certificates:
– American University Certificate, Cairo, authenticated by the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry (for all courses and diplomas).
– Local certificates from the Perfect Center, authenticated by the Yemeni Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training.
Concerning special courses and diplomas such as NLP, the trainees have two options:
– The International NLP Union Certificate, or
– The American Board Certificate.

Q: How many trainees were there last year?
A: They are thousands of people trained under different diplomas and courses.

Q: What are the facilities of the center?
A: The Center has the following training facilities:
State-of-the-art computers, closed TV circle, TV and cinema films- overhead projectors- various projectors- the Internet- well-stocked library full of contemporary books and specialist references, and periodicals on science and applied technology.

Q: Is the Center's diploma certificate recognized by universities?
A: Definitely yes. This is because the certificate is issued by the Cairo-based American University, and is authenticated by the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry and Embassy.

Q: How many trainees graduated in the latest batch and what were their specialties?
A: They number 30, graduating from different fields.

Q: What is the goal of training and qualification in Yemen?
A: It aims at improving the level of Yemeni society, administratively and technically so as to keep up with the official computer literacy policy.

Q: Who are the beneficiaries of the center?
A: Beneficiaries are most public organizations and charitable societies.

Q: Any last comment?
A: I highly appreciate the role of Yemen Times Newspaper, which takes care of training centers especially the private ones.