Discovery of the Year 2000-old Mummies & Antiquities in Sanaa [Archives:1999/41/Front Page]

October 11 1999

SANAA: Immediately after digging in his piece of land at the depth of 2.5 m., while laying the foundation for a house , Mr. Fadhl Al-kwa informed the people in authority on September, 29 of the antiquities found in his piece of land. Now the excavation operation to rescue the discovered antiquities is being conducted in full swing by the Yemeni General Authority for 
Antiquities, Museums, and Manuscripts (YGAAMM) in cooperation with the German Archeological Institute. Dr. Yusef Mohammed Abdullah, General Director of the YGAAMM stated that a total number of 13 excavation have yielded different mummies and pottery, dating back to the Hemarite State existing around 2000 years ago. Dr. Iris Gerlach, chairman of the German Archeological Institute stated that the material on the mummies is made from straw. The mummies were wrapped by leather sacks and then placed in rectangular wood boxes in graves. She also observed that the site is one of the most important discoveries ever conducted by the institute. It has been found that each grave has a specific direction.