Discrimination Policy Report [Archives:2001/30/Local News]

July 23 2001

The Human Right Information & Training Center (HRITC) issued a new book which deals with discrimination in the world. The book has been translated into Arabic in cooperation with the Universal Council for the Human Rights in Geneva. This report is the first of its kind written in Arabic, and was also translated into English, French and Spanish. It will be distributed at the International Conference with the aim of helping the UN eradicate discrimination . The conference is going to be held at the end of the coming August in North Africa, and enjoys widespread international support. The selection of the (HRITC) is considered to be one of the most important far reaching steps of a distinguished Yemeni organization, in both its regional and international activity. At the same time the center is going to participate in the preparatory conference held in Cairo this week. The head of the HRITC, Ezz Addeen Saeed Al-Asbahi said that the publication of the Arabic edition of the discrimination is considered to be a source of dignity. In addition to this we feel proud of it with a significant international participation.