Discussion to evaluate draft of strategy to ease poverty [Archives:2004/739/Local News]

May 20 2004

Sunday, 16 May 2004- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Sofan, said that his ministry would work to activate spending operations to cover demands and to overcome deficits, which hinder the progress of some development projects toward the aim of easing poverty.
He added, in a meeting with a number of members of political organizations and civil society organizations, within the frame of the discussion of the draft report on the evaluation of the first year of the Strategy to Ease Poverty, that the strategy has broadened opportunities to develop the health and education sectors. Where the percentage of enrolled students in primary education for the year 2003 reached 67% of both genders, 317 new schools have been built, 244 schools were rehabilitated, and 339 schools were furnished. In the health sector, the government has also increased spending.
He also pointed out that the tourism sector witnessed a revival during the year 2003, when the number of tourists reached 154 thousand, 60% of whom are Arab and from the Gulf countries. Tourism revenues have increases by 31% to reach 131 million USD.