Discussions on Islamic law [Archives:2003/09/Local News]

February 3 2003

The activities of the International Gathering for Islamic Scientist entitles: “Gauge of dealing with supporters and the unfavorable to balance and justice in Islamic Law” concluded today in Dar Al-Mustafa for Islamic Studies in Tareem, Hadramout.
A number of Islamic scholars from Yemen and other Islamic countries participated in the gathering, mostly were Sufi scholars.
The gathering lasted for four days and was organized by Dar Al-Mustafa for Islamic Studies on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of establishing the center. In the gathering, 9 main topics were discussed around the agreement and disagreement rules and measurements in Islam and the importance of holy references in such dealings, and the need for moral manners, and applying intellect in these matters, especially that the Yemeni man is known for his sensitivity and high morals in all fields.
Of the main participants in the gathering is Professor Aqeel Bin Hussain Al-Munor minister of Religious Affairs in Indonesia, and Dr. Hamdan Al-Mazroe’i assistant deputy of Islamic Affair in UAE, and of the Yemeni side Judge Ismael Al-Haji deputy of head of the Supreme Judiciary Council, and a number of Yemeni scholars. Scholar Omar Mohammed Bin Hafeez Dean of Dar Al-Mustafa for Islamic Studies chaired the forum meetings.