Dismissed soldiers seek reinstatement to their units [Archives:2006/962/Local News]

July 10 2006

SANA'A, July 8 ) Tens of soldiers dismissed following Yemen's civil war in 1994 staged a sit-in in front of Parliament Council, asking for reappointment to their units.

The protestors asked Parliament Council members to intervene in implementing the directives of President Saleh, calling for reappointment of soldiers dismissed after 1994 war in their units.

They further accused the Soldiers' Affairs Department of sidelining those who belong to southern areas and closing their ears to their demands, though they have high directives to be reinstated to their units. Additionally, they demanded to be given their rights according to President's directives and be referred to retirement with all their acquired rights.

Last June 12, President Saleh called for the formation of a special committee to prepare for the return of those absent or dismissed from armed forces and security right from 1994 up to now. For that end, a committee, including Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, Deputy Prime Minister, Brigadier, Mohamed Nasser, Minister of Defense as well as other concerned officials in Soldiers and Officials' Units in the Defense and Security Ministries, was formed.