Display of Force in Yemen [Archives:1999/22/Local News]

May 31 1999

The authorities are bringing out heavier guns which are displayed in street intersections in Yemeni cities. In Sanaa, as well as in Taiz, Aden, Hodeidah and Mukallah heavily armed men have manned the intersections for several days in a row now. 
The display of force is meant to discourage any demonstrations and protests which were expected as a result of the new round of price hikes. The average cost of living is said to have shot up by an average of 8% last week alone. 
The price of basic foods – such as bread, cooking gas, vegetables, etc., rose by a margin ranging from 20% to100%. 
An already impoverished populace continues to bear more burdens. Yemen’s average per capita income is less than one US dollar a day. To further complicate the picture, the distribution of income is badly skewed. 
No major incidents were reported.