Distorting and Destroying Aden Coasts, Historical Landmarks [Archives:2000/39/Last Page]

September 25 2000

Aden has always occupied a distinguished position and reputation from time immemorial. As a name it was mentioned in the Holy books, historical publications and linguistic studies. Aden is considered to be one of the very ancient and important cities due to its strategic location in the farthest southern tip of the Arab peninsula.
It is also an important tourist city with its beautiful scenes, warm beaches, high mountains, blue sea and other lovely sites. For besides large bays of al-Towahi such as Goldohur Beach and Ushaq Beach which, with the surrounding natural formations, forms one of the loveliest resorts in the country. Now hotels, resorts are being built so as to complete the lovely picture. The lesser Aden is distinguished for its series of bays and natural pools. Seirah and Abyan coasts are considered to be important coasts. Lots of rare tortoises come to the coast of Abyan. Many people come to this town to enjoy the company of nature. There are also parks and tourist clubs which have been recently established in the city. All these factors will help boost the tourist drive in the country.
So as to preserve all these beautiful sites, all should join hands to stop destroying these places. High fences have been erected along Abyan coast in Khoor Makser and in other places under the pretext of setting up hotels and clubs while in reality these places are exploited for establishing villas for those influential figures in the country. It has become pretty hard to find any place to sit nearby the sea.
A visitor to this city will find that it develops at rapid pace. However, what is also observable is the random establishment of buildings at the expense of old monuments and tourist sites. These places have been distorted under the cover of the tourist investment drive. Our coasts are being sold for very low prices. This is actually a hazardous omen which if not addressed carefully, many negative consequences are to take place. The crowds of people in Goldohur and Seirah coast are a living example that proves this idea. Despite the limited services there, the people are very much afraid of losing these places which are their only solace now.
Therefore, we ask the authorities concerned to retain these places from those influential figures who have occupied these areas and coasts by force. The authority has also to enforce using these places in a way serving the tourist drive in the country.