Do it correctly, and . . . Fasting can be good for the body [Archives:2002/46/Health]

November 11 2002

Fasting in Ramadhan, if done properly, can be beneficial to one’s health.
First, it may continue for more than 12 hours and have a good effect on the general health of people.
Relating to oral hygiene it can be beneficial because with fewer meals, less food is getting stuck between teeth so there is less incidence of dental problems. Also, while fasting, the person has a chance to get rid of his or her dependency on smoking and Qat chewing, also leading to fewer oral infections.
The function the stomach is to reservoir for ingessed food. It also serves to beak down foodstuffs mechanically and commences the processes of digestion. Fasting decrease its function, so it can rest, which also cuts down on diseases like gastritis, gastric ulcers, gastric cancers and duodenal ulcers.
The functions of the liver are many. It maintains body temperature, balances acids and protein levels, maintains metabolism and hormone levels, helps form hemoglobin degradation, and removes antogins.
Fasting gives temporary rest from all thus functions and prevents overload working. It also decreases toxins coming from smoking and Qat chewing, which can lead to viral infections, liver failure and liver cancer.
Fasting helps the digestive system all-round, and reduces the incidence of irritable bowel syndrome, infections and tumors.
It can also lead to the decrease of hemmeroids, fissurs, infections and fistulas. It helps the uinary system, preventing the overloading of kidneys ureters, and urinary bladders.
During fasting there is no smoking, which prevents lung diseases like bronchitis, T-B asthma and other chronic obstructive airway disease.
Regarding the cardiovascular system, fasting decreases salt, oil, cholesterol and excessive fluid intake, all which helps fight hypertension, angina or myocardial infarction, and heart problems.
Fasting is good for the locomotive system. It leads to consumption of glucose for energy to the body cell from liver gluconeogesis and from adipose tissue. This will lead to decreased body weight, so there will be no overloading on joints especially weight-bearing joints like the knee joint and that leads to less incidence of arthritis and joint pain.
For the central nervous system, fasting cut reduce one’s dependency of Qat, smoking and alcohol;
In the first few days of fasting, withdrawal symptoms appear, like agitation and restlessness and then all these symptoms of dependency will subside.
* General Surgeon at Al-Khazan Hospital.