Doann the decorated land [Archives:2004/758/Culture]

July 26 2004
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Photo from archived article: photos/758/culture1_1
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Photo from archived article: photos/758/culture1_2
By Ali Al-Sharamani
For the Yemen Times

Doann valley the land of Yemeni famous to businessmen for the highest quality of honey. The name “Doann” refers to the blessed valley that is associated with the best quality of honey, the “Doanni honey”. This phrase is the most attractive title for honey lovers of all types, retail and wholesale shops inside Yemen and abroad.

The Geography of Doann:
Doann is one of the provinces of the Hadhramout governorate, situated on the road between Sayoun and Al Mukala. The construction and asphalting of a 63-kilometer road that connects Ras Hobarah and Khailah Bugshan to the valley has made it more convenient for the inhabitants, tourists and honey seekers. The construction and asphalting of the road was implemented by the Bin Ladin group at the expense of the prominent Sheikh Abdullah Ahmed Saeed Bugshan.
Before asphalting the road, it required many hours of suffering to reach the valley. The passing, however, through the valley could only be made by four-wheel drive cars. Currently, construction works are taking place on the northern side that would connect Doann and Al-Mokala. The road is being constructed at a cost of 1.6 billion Riyals, also at the expense of Sheikh Bugshan.

The left and right valley
The right valley of Doann valley
According to Hadhramout towns book reference, titled, “Adam Al-Qout”, by the deceased author Abdulrahman Aboidah Bin Mohsen Al-Saqqaf, the name Doann is a Persian name that refers to two valleys at the peak of Hadramout. The right side is planted with valuable palm trees with scattered villages and towns at the edges of the roadbed. This side is actually divided into two mini valleys, “Al-Nabi” and “Hamodha” valleys, the latter embraces the population housings.

The eastern side of Doann valley
The first area is “Rabad Baashen' the hometown of Bin Ladin, followed by Awrah area, referring to Doann's fortification and housing of its elite, the populated areas such as “Gareen”, “Rehab”, and “Hoden”, the third refers to the town of Prophet Houd, (peace be upon him) are found on this side before reaching “Bawazeer and Garn Majed areas.

The left valley of Doann valley
The first area is “Rasmah” town and then the populated areas, Juha Al-Khnabesha, Sabeah Khailam Hawfah, Saif, Gabdoun, Al-Hajreen, Mekh, and Al-Mashhed(Al-Attas town).
The above mentioned extracts from the above-mentioned book are the names of areas and populated regions. But in reality and what we witnessed in our fielded visits, the villages and towns possess naturally astonishing sights and present spectacular views and magnificent architectural designs of homes and multi-floor mud palaces.

Historic areas in Doann
Raiboun area, at the tip of Doann according to archeological studies are indications that it was inhabited at the eight century BC as evidenced by traces of irrigation networks and the remaining ruins of temples and homes.
According to historic books, Doann valley was one of the areas passed through by merchants' caravans that were carrying goods, textiles and “Bakhour” through the desert to ports on the shores of the Red and Mediterranean Seas.

Doann the valley of famous businessmen
Citizens from the Doann valley throughout history immigrated to many parts of the world. They worked as merchants and Islamic missionaries in Eastern Asia and Africa. The Doanni people were very clever in making fortunes from their various working activities. In many parts of the world, because of their immense contribution, they were able to become nationals in any country they chose to settle in.
Almost all parts of the Doann valley have witnessed the implementation of services and development projects financed by Yemeni businessmen living abroad, from construction of roads, to the building of schools and hospitals.
Doann and Poet Al-MehdharOn a final note, the Doann valley is the hometown of the famous Yemeni poet, the deceased Hussein Abo Bakr Al-Mehdhar, where some of his poems and song lyrics still echo their admiration of the beautiful valley.