Doctors learn of family planning techniques [Archives:2003/01/Health]

January 6 2003

The Yemeni Health and Family Planning Program offered a training course on how to use modern techniques on family planning during a workshop Dec. 26.
Dr. Marouf Batheeb and Dr. Abdul Wahab al-Ansi, adviser at the Ministry of Health, gave addresses, while Dr. Arwa al-Rebeea the general director of the Sabeen Hospital in Sana’a, spoke on the up-to-date techniques, known as PROTEC, to be used in family planning.
Thirty trainee doctors and participants from government and private hospitals, in addition to non-governmental organizations in Sana’a received certificates for completing the course.
The family health and family planning program is being conducted by the Ministry of Public Health and Population and Futures Group International in collaboration with (EPOS) a Yemeni development program financed by Yemen and the German Bank for Reconstruction (KFW).
The project aims at helping the Yemeni government meet the increased demands for family health and family planning in line with government’s policies in this regard.
This project is the first of its kind in Yemen. It focuses on merging the different health organizations in Yemen to offer health services to alleviate the burdens on the government’s services and thus helps achieve part of the national policy to handle the population and health crisis in the country.