Doctors to study in Italy [Archives:2002/46/Health]

November 11 2002

Yemen doctors Nouradden Al Jaber, Mohammed Al Ashaibani and Galal Abdulhadi Abdullah, – MDs currently working for Al Thawra Hospital in Sana’a, have recently been selected to attend a year-long master course in Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Anesthesia at the Pasquinelli Hospital in Massa, north of Florence.
The course was organized by the Italian National Research Council; a governmental institution aimed at international coordination in the field of scientific research.
It also provides students from Italian universities and other European countries with both theoretical specialization courses and practical training-on-the-job sessions.
Al Jaber, Al Shaibani and Abdullah are the first Yemeni doctors to qualify for the National Research Council medical master courses.
Pasquinelli hospital had already hosted Yemeni students attending postgraduate programs at Italian medical schools, within the framework of the Italian Government scholarship program.