Does our venerable government know that there are Yemeni students in the U.K? [Archives:2001/43/Focus]

October 22 2001

Mahdi Al-shamiri
The Yemeni students in the United Kingdom, represented by Mr. Mahdi Al-Shamiri, present their best regards on the occasion of the 2001 anniversary of the revolutions. At the time that our country Yemen witnesses one of its happiest and loveliest days, we want to complain to the ministry of Foreign Affairs, to our government, and to all competent officers.
Referring to the subject mentioned above, we are Yemeni students in the UK who want to express our suffering resulting from the problems that we face in this country while we continue our studies. We are outside of the land of the kingdom of Sheba, away from those who give their lives as a price so that we might fulfill our educational mission. By this, we mean our fathers and those who pay for our expenses, enabling us to continue to study. We, the Yemeni students, especially in Buckingham, Birmingham, Shifield, Yourmouth and London want to reveal a secret. That is, we witness the worst degree of our repartitioning stages because of the absence of the Yemeni students’ union in this county . Is it true that all the officers of our government in Yemen do not know that they have sons or students in this great country? Although we ask this question, we don’t know who will answer it.
Mr. Chairman, at this time the Jordanian students, the Egyptian students, the Emirati students and remainder of Arab and foreign students support their specified unions. In fact, we substitute the absence of a union by meeting at the billiard halls and at the ballrooms, which are arraigned by the British government for the students in order to deal with some of the problems that we face.