Doing Business in Yemen 2008: No change [Archives:2007/1091/Business & Economy]

October 4 2007

By: YemenTimes Staff
The latest information from the World Bank's Doing Business Report for 2008 indicates that there is very little change in Yemen's position, although several indicators has slightly improved and others slightly deteriorated, Yemen is ranked at the 113th rank globally, however, Yemen occupies the ninth rank in the region ahead of Egypt, Iran and Syria.

The report provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 178 countries, through working closely with thousands of professionals around the world. Therefore it is used as a guide for investors and businessmen to study the business environment in countries into which they wish to expand their operations through trade and investment.

The report stated that they are fundamental transformations taken place in the global arena, for one, Eastern Europe has surpassed East Asia in terms of ease of doing business, while several countries have undertaken deep-routed reforms which resulted in significant improvement in the east of doing business, such as Egypt which was labeled as the top performer in 2006/7

Regionally, the report indicates that Saudi Arabia ranks the highest in the region, having the 23rd rank globally in terms of ease of doing business, ranking better than other countries such as Malaysia, France, South Korea, and South Africa which have been know to have an attractive business environment and are destinations for global investments.

In Yemen, the Donors conference held last November and the Invest in Yemen conference held last April seem to have little impact on the ease of doing business indicator. IFC in Yemen is planning to organize a conference which will discuss the doing business report, explain the indicators to Yemeni officials and decision makers how the report works and what should Yemen do in order to improve its rankings in the report.