Dominique Borts of Mosaica: Yemen is fragrant with history [Archives:2006/938/Culture]

April 17 2006

On its debut visit to Yemen, French band Mosaica performed at the Henri de Monfried Center Wednesday evening, April 12. The band consists of six musicians playing different types of music from South France, Andalusia, Morocco, Albania, etc.

As its name suggests, the band presents diverse music from different parts of the world. “We have made a cocktail of these types of music and created a new mode,” a Moroccan band member said.

The band makes use of different musical instruments such as violin, darbooka, qannun, bendir, dof, oud, tar, flute and vielea played by Bouchoib Ezzerki, Dominique Borts, Bona Akoto, Hammouch Samir, Rovsset Florent and Glacet Bastien. Borts established Mosaica in 2001.

He expressed extreme happiness to be in Yemen. “The concert organizer in France told us there would be a concert in Yemen two months later. Since then, we have been dreaming about Yemen,” he said.

He added that the band's music calls for communication between civilizations and bringing the world's different cultures closer. “We introduce our music to many people and try to explore and cull from their indigenous music.”

Borts said Mosaica will take some Yemeni music and incorporate it into its collection. Some will be added as pure music and others with sung lyrics. For this purpose, the band is coordinating with Yemeni singers Abdul-Latif and Sharaf Al-Qaidi.

Borts and the band have been listening to melodious Yemeni music. On their flight from Paris to Sana'a, they listened to various Yemeni songs. “They all like it. It's close to Moroccan music and south Spain,” said Borts, who “got contained in it.”

He advises Yemeni officials to take care of Yemeni heritage including music, architecture and culture. “Yemen gives off the aroma of history. Such a priceless heritage is the property of humanity as a whole. It is the accumulation of centuries,” he concluded.