Donors discuss judiciary development with Justice Minister [Archives:2005/851/Local News]

June 16 2005

SANA'A- For enhancing and developing the commercial judiciary in Yemen to bring infrastructure convenient for investment, the Yemeni Justice Minister Dr. Adnan al-Jefri met with a delegation of ambassadors of donor countries and discussed the partnership programs between Yemen and the donors to upgrade the Yemeni judiciary.

The Yemeni Justice Minister reviewed what was achieved by his Ministry and the project of developing justice, part of the UN Development Program.

Dr. al-Jefri made a mention of the projects being under implementation, among them developing the West Capital's Court and Serah Preliminary Court as well as offering the legal assistance for free and establishing the legal library.

The partnership program established a unit for the electronic legal research at the Ministry of Justice and upgraded the Higher Institute for Judiciary.

The Minister of Justice revealed before ambassadors of donors a number of problems and difficulties facing the Yemeni judiciary, particularly those hindering the development of the judicial administration.

For her part, the UN representative in Yemen emphasized the existence of a fair and effective judicial system that will attract capitals to be invest in the country, giving priority to developing judiciary in Yemen.