Donors meetJudiciary reform marches on [Archives:2004/734/Local News]

May 3 2004

Minister of Justice Dr. Adnan Al-Jafri presided over a broad meeting April 28, with a number of representatives of donor organizations to develop and strengthen the role of the partners of Yemen in development, particularly toward implementing the programs and plans of reforms of the judiciary considering the judiciary is one the prerequisites to the financial and administrative reforms being carried out by the Government of Yemen.
The minister of justice laid out the ministry's plans and priority missions to develop and modernize the judiciary in Yemen, with the emphasis on the provisions to develop an effectively efficient judiciary, specifically in the aspect of commercial judiciary. This can compete with international development on commercial dealings in order to pave the way and facilitate more investment and investors to Yemen.
The Minister cited the progress previously achieved by the Ministry in this regard.
The representatives praised the accomplished progress and the steps implemented by the ministry on the level to develop and modernize the Yemeni judiciary.