Don’t Count on US for Justice [Archives:2001/50/Focus]

December 10 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
Just a year ago today, this observer recalls how many friends were frightened at the thought of having Al-Gore, with his Jewish running mate for Vice President take the helms in the United States. Despite my insistence to them that it really should not matter to the Arabs who wins, Gore or Bush, the Arabs will always get the short end of the stick, anyway. Chances are that had Al Gore been President, we might have had clearer indications of just where American foreign policy was really heading, then all the mushy business that is at hand today. For sure, it seems Mr. Bush would like to see America make the most of its power and to use that power in whatever ways to achieve its aims, whatever those aims are. For those who are interested in defining those aims, the truth of the matter is that they are not exactly definable, because they seem to have fallen under the principle of wherever your might takes you, that is what you should aim for. For all intents and purposes, in this world now there is only America and it is Americans who shall be the safest, healthiest, richest people on earth, and it doesn’t matter who has to pay the price for it. If America wants oil, it will get it and at the price it is willing to pay. If America wants peace in the Middle East, the American Jews shall dictate how that peace is to be written and who shall be designated the villain and the victim. The rest of the world can go to hell for all that the Americans care, whether in the Middle East or anywhere else for that matter. The Americans have a new culprit they are chasing, and they are going to make the most of this chase to step on everybody that stands in their way. We and they do not know when this chase shall end, but by the time it is over, one can be sure the world’s worse terrorist of all times is going to complete the liquidation of the Palestinian people with the blessings of Mr. George Bush and Mr. Colin Powell, and the stamp of General Zinni. Give us a break, you wanted us to join you against the terrorists. We said fine and dandy, nobody likes terrorists, even if they wear a turban that can be used to make two tents. Then you said, don’t destabilize the world with high oil prices, so you started to scare some of our regimes, either you keep prices low, or you will be charged with aiding and abetting the terrorists, or something to that order.
We are not naïve, we know the bully game that Uncle Sam plays and why he is playing mean especially against this part of the world. It is not the cross that really matters to George Bush, although it is not really conspicuous, when it comes to some of the proclamations and media campaigns that are being unleashed against the “terrorist Moslems”, which somehow remind one of Pope Urban’s call for a Crusade to free the world from the “heathen Moslems”, who are dominating the Christian Holy Places in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, which were sounded a thousand years ago. The Zionist lobby in America has been working for years to instill in the American mind the ugliness of Moslems and their eminent danger to the “West”. God only knows that it was not for the Moslems, the ‘West” would still be living under the feudal system and the dark spiritual domination of the Vatican. So, what danger could we pose for the West, when history has proven us to be the most merciful and tolerant conquerors?
But to Uncle Sam, a terrorist like Ariel Sharon is an angel, who believes that “might makes right” and who adheres to this guiding principle that Mr. George Bush Jr. wants to guide America by into the Third Millennium.
So, to make it clear to most Arabs, you were suckered again. You really believed that Colin Powell finally saw it your way and that when he told you that there would be a Palestinian state, the entire issue is solved and over with. How gullible can you be? You have forgotten that your enemy was created, sponsored and raised by the American dollars and arms that your oil is financing, thanks to the cheap price you are getting for it. You have forgotten that the American dream and the Zionist dream can never part ways, because most of the Arabs have not gotten their acts together yet and most Arab regimes have yet to make peace with their people, even though they are ready and willing to make peace with the enemy of their peoples! We just might as well sit this one out, and watch as the CNN shows us the extermination of the Palestinian people live and in color, because Sharon is doing “just like Bush” and the American Congress is applauding and praising the fight against terrorism which Israel is carrying out. What happened to Mr. Powell’s speech? Forget it you guys, that is for the birds.
As far as the Americans are concerned, we are all terrorists now and no one will escape the military tribunals that can bring any “terrorist”, who stands in the way of Israel, first, and America second. It is that holy alliance that depends on might and money, which can turn the most ideal cause into a bloodbath for its followers, if that cause does not fit within the guidelines set out in the Bush Doctrine, “if you are not with us, in anyway shape or form, you are a terrorist”. That kind of Doctrine does not understand that you may be suffering from an injustice, that your land, your identity, your dignity has been all robbed from you. That doctrine sees people seeking justice as terrorists. That doctrine sees the people fighting for the liberation of their land, who are playing by the rules and fighting as honorably as anyone can fight as terrorists, because the Zionist lobby has defined them so. That doctrine views the hundreds of Palestinian, Lebanese and other Arab civilians, who have been slaughtered by Ariel Sharon and his demagogic gangs as terrorists. What a great doctrine that is: If you are not with us, you are against us. Mr. Arafat, you must do more to ensure that the Bush Doctrine is applied on all the Palestinian people. They say that Arafat must apprehend the terrorists. The whole population of the West Bank and Gaza are imprisoned and encircled in tens of pockets that are surrounded by the mighty arsenal supplied to the Zionist gangs of Sharon, and they want the terrorists arrested? Oh yeah, you can have your own Palestinian State, but that can happen when all the West Bank, Gaza and the entire Arab World has been freed from all those indigenous ugly terrorists that live there. That is the Bush Doctrine. And we all thought that Balfaour was mean! God Bless America, for showing us what being mean is really all about!