Don’t follow “supermodels,” strive to be yourself [Archives:2007/1105/Community]

November 22 2007

Saif Hamoud Na'aeem
[email protected]
Sana'a University
Faculty of Art, English Dept.

Youth are the new hope, comprising a considerable portion of the generations in every part on our small planet. Nations of the world work hard to exploit their youths' energies in whatever they are capable. Focusing on youth issues and interests is a very important cause. In this regard, we find innovative projects building what remains incomplete in many fields and coming up with new inventions.

The choice to follow the wrong pacemaker and act like him or her is a sizeable matter deserving to be highlighted and discussed more widely. Thus, I'm putting forth my point of view here and I'm awaiting yours, dear reader.

It is so shameful and pathetic to see our new generation, with our fresh minds, acting out in a dreadful rap influenced by the bad rap of the Western world. I'm sorry to say this, but the Eastern world also has its negative points too. We've become proficient in taking the bad impressions from the Western world, ignoring the positives under the common pretext that “It's too high to reach.”

However, we should face this obstacle and work as hard as we can. It's not a matter at all of whether you're rich or poor; rather, it depends on how faithful you are to your homeland and what you believe in.

Young men and women seemingly have begun to imitate those vulnerable, brittle and famous people around the world, which surrounds us with a multitude of examples, considering them “supermodels,” whose cheap styles become the fashion that worsens every year in the name of the “new look.” This causes youths' charisma to become careless and garish unless their hair is styled in another hazy way to express themselves. More than anything else, the way of dressing is the blunder reflecting the mess inside their minds.

Instead of teaching them how to behave civilly and respectfully, these impressions taught them the exact opposite, pouring toxic stuff into their imaginations instead of establishing good deeds in their minds and flourishing their schemes, causing them to become lost somewhere between the popular and the less popular.

Over time, what we receive unconsciously from such supermodels becomes as chains around our minds, limiting our passions and making us loafers. Being affective and creative is hard to comprehend and we won't be able to reach that high star, even if we try. Even so, we still have the opportunity to do better and be someone rather than a no one.

As humans, we will sin and make mistakes throughout our lives because we forget the good intentions within us. Through all of this guilt, we have the righteous bell in our minds that will inevitably ring at the suitable time, telling us that it's time to confess that we were wrong and repent for what we mistook.

It doesn't benefit us to have such pacemakers in our lives and it's imperative not to become a copy of him or her; rather, try to rationalize how to reach higher than that person. Don't negate your personality, but simply find the clues in your talents. Release your imagination, giving it the light of education, faith and mellifluous dreams. Don't stop at what you've achieved because you still have much more to give throughout your life.

We are eager to have adventures, challenges and bright achievements during our youth in order to be proud and have immense histories to tell our children. Indeed, it sounds amusing to have such histories, but in order to do so, we must do our duties as Muslims to follow righteous individuals, complete our education and do our hobbies so that we can discover our talents. This will distinguish us from others, which is why we should work hard to develop them and be who we are and masters of ourselves.