Dr. Abdulkareen Al-Qurair Releases a New Book [Archives:2003/696/Culture]

December 22 2003

By Ali Al-Ghabri
For Yemen Times

Dr. Abulkareem Al-Qurair released his latest book titled Ottoman Central Formation and Local Administration in Yemen (1850 – 1918) for the year 2003. This book contains six chapters. First chapter discusses Ottoman administrative organization and its central political, legislative, and control formation and delegated authorities. Second chapter discusses the administrative division of Yemen and its criterion which was implemented during the period 1872 -1918 emphasizing the various orientations relative to security and stability of the country. Third chapter discusses the local councils in Yemen during the same period, 1872 – 1918, pointing to the various political trends, and ideal organizational approaches to control Yemen. Included in that is the implementation of the1871 Law of General Administration of States, and the 1913 Temporary Law of States. Fourth chapter explains the formation of legalization protection (judiciary, security and military authorities), and their role in stabilizing the principle of sovereignty of law and order. The distribution of tasks in implementing above principle was also discussed. Fifth chapter was dedicated to discussing the British occupation plans, and administrative posture in the nine regions during the period 1839 – 1918. The last chapter discussed the formation of financial resources and expenditures in regions, and deficits or surpluses thereof.